What are the baby greens

Baby greens are exactly what the phrase says, baby vegetables.

They are vegetables at an early stage of their development.

Baby vegetables (either leafy or rooted) such as spinach, kale, radish and beetroot are collected when they are aged 15 to 40 days, as opposed to the mature harvested in 45 to 90 days. It is more tender, with the flavor of an adult plant and, also, we almost never need to cut them as their shape is very small.

Baby leaf greens

The contrast between a baby leaf vegetable and a fully grown one is clear when we see the kale. The hard, bitter leaves of a full-grown plant may be too much for some people, unlike the baby, which offer a lighter sense of both taste and texture.

Baby root greens

There are also baby root vegetables. Baby beetroot and baby carrots, like the baby leaf greens, are also smaller, more tender, and with a tangled flavor. For example the baby beetroot does not exceed the size of a golf ball, but its taste is incredibly sweet.


Every kind of vegetable – from romaine to oak leaf ,to red leaf  and butter, from watercress, to endive, dill, radish, carrot and beetroot – can be consumed in their pre-adolescent form , but some of these varieties may be harder to find. When choosing a bunch or a pound of vegetables, just pick what your heart says.

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