About us

Everything started…

a few years ago, in our effort to give our children the best of nature, we ended up producing one part of our diet. Just a few tomatoes and few peppers  at first with not a great success despite the fact that we knew how to cultivate since we were from the countryside. Whatever had to do with nature we knew it but after 15 years of abstinence we had to give ourselves a little time to adapt again !!!


in 2014, we attended a natural farming workshop in Edessa’s Natural Farming Center and everything started there. We had the crazy idea to leave behind that we have done so far and to deal exclusively with the earth. Soon the idea became a dream.

And we created …

a 10 acres farm of natural cultivation, in Xerovrisi Kilkis,  where we cultivate up to now various fruit and olive trees.

A farm with vision

Our dream, however, “gets flesh and bones” shortly afterwards, by leaving our, until then, job and starting a small urban farm based in Thessaloniki, “Ο Μικρός Καλλιεργητής” which means “The Small Cultivator”, in which we grow vegetables (baby greens & microgreens) for people who like strange raw materials used in high gastronomy dishes or just like gourmet and intense tastes, but also to conscious consumers and mainly to chefs.

With vision?

We are a group of people, passionate about alternative and sustainable cultivation practices, that we produce vegetables with 100% natural methods so that our farm is environmentally sustainable and we are socially responsible, a farm with vision.

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